One size does not fit all. Create your own custom blend without having to purchase individual oils. Choose from our range of finest essential oils to create a bottle that is specially for you.

YOUR BLEND Essential Oil Blend 10ml


    Varies depending on oil chosen.


    Varies based on your selection. 100% Pure Essential Oil. Made in Australia. 


    1. DIffuse the soothing scent for a relaxing night time routine. Add 3-5 drops into your diffuser. It is best to start from the low end and work your way up if need to.

    2. Boost your skincare by adding Australian Lavender Essential Oil to your favourite lotion or moisturiser for a soothing aroma and youthful complexion. Add 1 drop to your lotion on your palm, mix with finger and apply onto face.

    3. Use in the bath for aching muscles, relaxation, and stress relief. Add 6-8 drops after running the water and vigorously agitate water. Adding the drops to a cupful of milk or Epsom salts and then putting in the bath helps to disperse the oils through out the water.