I was drawn to the world of essential oils 5 years ago. My baby was diagnosed with moderately severe Atopic dermatitis (eczema) and was going through bottles and bottles of synthetically produced moisturiser and steroid based medication. Many times, these would be applied on open wounds.

I was a breastfeeding working mom at that time. So I would get ready every morning, spray on my synthetically made perfume, breastfeed my baby before dropping him at the childcare centre. One day, it occurred to me that there I was again - piling on chemicals into his system. This time through my perfume. I was mortified at my own discovery. But going without perfume was not an option as well - socially at least.

Worried that all these would have a cumulative effect in his small body, I started researching on natural alternatives for everyday products.

And essential oils sounded promising. Plant based. Natural. Therapeutic. This might just be the answer to my perfume alternative. Sure, it is not as long lasting as synthetics but I wasn't going to trade mine and my baby's health for this.

I was purchasing many bottles of oils, and thought how good it would be if I didn't have to buy them individually. And voila - the idea for YOURBLEND was born. Come and make your own.